Monday, May 7, 2012

On the Raymart Santiago and Mon Tulfo Fight

My comment is for the YouTube video, did anyone notice how "clean" her legs were? In the interview, she showed what looked like smeared mud on her leg, but this is nowhere in the video. So if the YouTube video is the 2nd incident as Claudine and Raymart claims, when did she get the mud on her legs? On the 3rd or 4th incident? If she got it from the 1st incident, why is it not in the YouTube video and why did it miraculously reappear during her interview after the commotion was over? 

Also, Claudine said that Mon Tulfo should have stopped what he was doing, because she had her kids with her during the incident, and it was not a good sight to see for her kids. Having said so, is her verbal abuse to the airport crew (which was verified to be true by Cebu Pacific in the news earlier tonight - 2 employees suffered from verbal abuse from Claudine) and the fact that she and her husband beat up an old man something her kids should see?

It's more fun in the Philippines! What the fuck.

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