Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Upgrading Techniques in Ran Online Part 1

The original contents of this post has been deleted due to unscrupulous people posting its contents into forums and such without due credit.


Anonymous said...

hi im ephrym07 from alab server.. can you give me some info. on how to make a successful +7 set..

ano item magandang i ups?.. ung galing market o drop ng mga mobs?..(i mean fresh pa galing sa mobs)

pls.. i really nid it.. im beging.. tnx..

Leslie Ann said...

Hi Ephraym07!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my post, Upgrading Techniques in Ran Online Part 1. Have you read the Part 2 of this post? If you haven't, I suggest you read it first. It may already answer some of the questions you have. I basically discussed all the things we do whenever we upgrade items.

However, since you asked, we've never paid any attention as to the status of the item, like if it was recently dropped by monsters or whatever. We normally just buy items from the market and proceed to our secret spot to upgrade it there. But sometimes, while we're still in a party and busy with levelling, if ever we come across a good item and we happen to have upgrading items in our inventory, we just go ahead and upgrade it right then and there.

Thanks for your comment, the next time we upgrade anything we'll pay more attention regarding the status of the item and I'll let you know. Thanks again.

Hope this answered your question. If not, feel free to send me another message.

Anonymous said... pacanas099 of fury and karen of havoc,ask ko lng about how to build a +9 set? kc halos laht ng item ko +8 na eh mejo nangangamba ako na mavanish ung item kc ilng beses n ung inaupgrade plz help kung meron..

Kenneth said...

ate pa2ro ng technique sa pag upgrade ng weapon at items na di maxado ma failed.. pede comment ka sa friendster ko please need ko poh talaga suggestion....
ang fs ko pala ay

Anonymous said...

there's no such thing as successful upgrading if only you had plenty refines you can do it. but one thing for sure is to ensure that there are few people playing the game there's no events ,, and check if the sets is not upgrade by the refines like silver iron etc. or else your item will not be able 2 gain success in upgrading,,, some spots are very successful in upgrading items try 2 find out where it is ,,, ive tried my method many times and some of my friends are watching while im upgrading items ,, i use it as my daily income in ranonline coz im selling it or trade in ep or in php,,, i still have photos off all items that ive sucesfully upgraded,, happy leveling ,, *_*v

Anonymous said...

pls help me!
i wanna ask
my coat(lvl 135)sm wanna +7
but my coat alredy + silver iron etc coat cant +7 anymore coz u said if + silver or etc cant +7 anymore
sory for my bad english
im from malaysia playing myrosso shinjuku server :)

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