Friday, July 23, 2010

The Last Airbender Movie Sucks!!!

Ugh! I cannot believe how disappointed I am about The Last Airbender movie. The original, cartoon version is a whole lot better than the movie one. I of course understand that the whole Book 1: Water is too long to fit in one movie and it is natural that some scenes and parts be removed, but to CHANGE some of the parts is another thing.

One, let's start with when Katara and Sokka find Aang in the iceberg. In the cartoon version, Katara is still learning water bending and pretty much sucks at it. She and Sokka are having an argument, and while Katara is really mad at Sokka, while gesturing with her hands and arms at Sokka, she is unintentionally water bending and manages to destroy one whole iceberg, leaving the sphere where Aang is inside. Katara uses Sokka's boomerang to open the sphere, and they find Aang. This part of the cartoon shows that Katara has the potential of becoming a great water bender, as she has the strength but not the skills yet as she never received any formal training.

In the movie version, Katara and Sokka are out hunting for food, and they notice something odd in the ice. Sokka cracks the ice, sending them running, then the sphere where Aang is shows up. Katara uses the boomerang to free Aang from the iceberg, and Gran-Gran explains what the spirit world is, knows that Aang is the Avatar, and encourages the siblings to set out on a journey with Aang.

From this part, I already hated what they did to Katara. She becomes just another character, because the spunk in her is lost, not to mention the fact that Sokka is not at all funny in the movie and is even more serious than the cartoon version of Katara. Don't get me into explaining what happened in the Fire Nation prison where earth benders were held prisoner - that will be for another post, as well as for who teaches Aang and Katara water bending.

In the movie version, Aang said he ran away because he was upset when he was told that since he was the Avatar, he can't have a family of his own. Then, how will the battle between good and evil in Prince Zuko's heart be explained, especially since he is actually the great grandson of Avatar Rokku if avatar's aren't allowed to marry and have families of their own? The real reason why Aang did run away was because he was going to be sent away all over the world to learn the different elements, and he did not want to be separated from his mentor monk whom he sees as a father. It was also because of the fact that the identity of the avatar is not to be revealed until he/she is 16, but Aang knew he was the avatar since he was 10, hence he was still childish and impulsive.

Uncle Iroh is not fat, and Gran-Gran's love story with the water bending master from the North Tribe will be gone, and Katara's heart-filled speeches about how the earth benders should stand up and fight is gone too. 

One thing I did notice about the movie is that the fire benders had bonfires everywhere and used those to bend fire. Unlike in the cartoons, they can just make fire appear like it was air, in the movie, it wasn't the case.  In all fairness, I wondered about that while watching the cartoons, because Katara needed to bring water with her wherever she went so she could bend, and even resorted to using her own sweat for water bending, as well as getting the water from plants. But how could the other fire benders just shoot fire from out of nowhere? I guess the movie tried to justify that part, but they sucked everywhere else. They couldn't even pronounce Aang right. >.<

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New oDesk Terms to Learn

I've been with oDesk since May 2009, and recently they've made some changes not only to the site layout (which was something they also did recently), they changed some of the most commonly used terms.

For example, providers like me who get hired and do the work are now called contractors, and the buyers or the people who provide the jobs and pay providers are now called employers. I think calling buyers as employers pretty much clears everything up and makes that particular term a whole lot easier to understand. The assignment you are working on or the project you are currently hired and part of are now called contracts.

For a full list of the old and new terms, check out this link here. And don't forget to check out my oDesk contractor profile here. Plus, the video below is something you should really watch if you want to know more about oDesk.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

June's Online Earnings

June wasn't a pretty bad month for me and my online earnings. When I thought my online earnings for April was the highest, in June I earned Php 79,779.07. I earned Php 8,652.60 more for this month. Hopefully with more hard work, I can earn even more.

The Last Airbender - I Cannot Wait!!!

I cannot wait for this movie to be shown! I'll watch this in 3D for sure!
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