Friday, June 4, 2010

RAN Online Item Mixer

My husband and I really like playing RAN Online, although I don't always have the opportunity of literally playing my character as I have my husband and one of our pilots to do that for me. Today after the server patch, RAN Online Philippines released new NPCs, new quests, and a new item - the Item Mixer.

With the RAN Online Item Mixer, you can combine different items and come up with a totally new one. For example, if you combine one piece of bread with one piece of the distilled water that Jack the NPC sells, you can get a potion which restores your character's HP. However, until we figure out what else can be combined and with the right formula, the rest is a mystery.

A lot of players can be seen in the Marketplace now and crowding over Jack, hoping to come up with things to combine. As soon as I get more information about the RAN Online Item Mixer, I'll be updating this post.


yulee said...

Hi Leslie - Any News regarding this thread? I'm anxious to know the combination hehe ^.^

Thanks -

Markenjie09 said...

have you seen this?

it shows item combination to be used at NPC Jack. I have not tried it though.

-Markenjie09042007 Kalayaan

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