Wednesday, June 16, 2010

oDesk and PayPal are Back to Normal

A few days ago, an oDesk friend of mine asked me if I was aware of the issue PayPal and oDesk had, an issue I was unaware of (thanks Jasmine!). oDesk providers could not withdraw their earnings to PayPal, and a lot of users complained about this being the only withdrawal method they use. Like me, I rely solely on PayPal to withdraw my oDesk earnings, especially since my oDesk Payoneer card never arrived in the mail.

I am happy to say that oDesk and PayPal are now back to normal, and I was able to withdraw my earnings with no problems at all. I had about 2 weeks worth of earnings stuck while I waited for the issue to be resolved, and I am very thankful it is. With bills to pay and a whole new school year to start for my kid, this news bit was something I was very relieved to hear.


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