Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Breakfast Experience

Since my eldest daughter is back to school, we've all been waking up really early and even though it's a Saturday today, we ended up waking around the time we normally would if my daughter had classes. Since we didn't have anything else to do that early in the morning, we decided to drop by a nearby fast food chain for breakfast. 

We all hopped into the car with our PJs on as we were going for drive through anyway. My husband got the car running, but I wondered what the strange sound we were all hearing was. Turns out, the left tire at the back of our car was literally flat. We knew there were nearby wheels and tires shops, but what we weren't sure of is if they would be open that early in the morning, not forgetting the fact that it's a weekend.

As expected, the first shop we went to was closed, but the second one we visited was just in the process of opening. My husband had the car running very slowly and the hazard lights on, as he didn't want to force the already flat tire. It was funny how people kept waving at us on the road and signaling our tire was flat. But all in all, this is definitely one breakfast we'll never forget.


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