Friday, June 25, 2010

Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

Henry and I finally watched Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time. I've never liked Jake Gyllenhaal, but in this movie I do. There was one scene in the movie which reminded me of a PSP game my husband played where he jumps from a very high roof.

The movie starts with Dastan's childhood as an orphan, and how at an early age he was very adept with getting away from people who were chasing after him. The king saw something in him, and took him as his son. He grew up with the two other princes, and he had absolutely no envy or untoward feelings for any of his brothers - he loved the king so much and considered him and the other princes as his family.

Misguided by the king's brother, the princes overthrow a city for their uncle's own interest, a dagger which apparently has the time to rewind time. Dastan is mistaken as the one who killed the king, his brothers die, and Dastan and the princess, the guardian of the dagger are sent into an incredible journey to keep the dagger safe. I won't go into more details to not spoil the movie, but what I can say is that the action scenes were splendid.

The movie also shows that envy is a terrible disease to have, and that brothers should be brothers until the end. There's a reason why the movie is entitled The Sands of Time, and if you watch the movie, you'll find out why.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story 3

Last Sunday, my husband and kids planned on watching Toy Story 3 in 3D over at IMAX. However, our plans changed at the last minute and we ended up taking the kids to Active Fun instead and just doing the groceries while the kids were in the playground.

I really wanted to see this movie in 3D, as I had watched the first two parts of the movie. Plus, after I watched Shrek in 3D, I was looking forward to seeing this one in 3D too. But since my youngest kid had a cough and wasn't feeling well, after we ate brunch we just headed on to the playground as she requested.

Maybe next week, we can watch Toy Story in 3D. I did read the synopsis of the movie online and that made me want to watch the movie even more. Hopefully, when we go grocery shopping for the food I'll be cooking for my youngest daughter's birthday, we can take a few hours off to watch it.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Happy father's day to my husband Henry and my dad Ed. You guys are the best dads anyone could have.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today's Breakfast Experience

Since my eldest daughter is back to school, we've all been waking up really early and even though it's a Saturday today, we ended up waking around the time we normally would if my daughter had classes. Since we didn't have anything else to do that early in the morning, we decided to drop by a nearby fast food chain for breakfast. 

We all hopped into the car with our PJs on as we were going for drive through anyway. My husband got the car running, but I wondered what the strange sound we were all hearing was. Turns out, the left tire at the back of our car was literally flat. We knew there were nearby wheels and tires shops, but what we weren't sure of is if they would be open that early in the morning, not forgetting the fact that it's a weekend.

As expected, the first shop we went to was closed, but the second one we visited was just in the process of opening. My husband had the car running very slowly and the hazard lights on, as he didn't want to force the already flat tire. It was funny how people kept waving at us on the road and signaling our tire was flat. But all in all, this is definitely one breakfast we'll never forget.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

oDesk and PayPal are Back to Normal

A few days ago, an oDesk friend of mine asked me if I was aware of the issue PayPal and oDesk had, an issue I was unaware of (thanks Jasmine!). oDesk providers could not withdraw their earnings to PayPal, and a lot of users complained about this being the only withdrawal method they use. Like me, I rely solely on PayPal to withdraw my oDesk earnings, especially since my oDesk Payoneer card never arrived in the mail.

I am happy to say that oDesk and PayPal are now back to normal, and I was able to withdraw my earnings with no problems at all. I had about 2 weeks worth of earnings stuck while I waited for the issue to be resolved, and I am very thankful it is. With bills to pay and a whole new school year to start for my kid, this news bit was something I was very relieved to hear.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My First Ever Donator

I just wanted to share that today I received my first ever donation in the almost three years of this blog's existence  in the amount of $20 (the amount in the picture is different though, because of the PayPal fee).

When I put the PayPal donate button on my blogs, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get one, although I did hope for it in the back of my mind. My thanks go out to Robin Durham, a friend I made at oDesk. I will always remember my first ever donator and will always be thankful for her kind heart and generosity. Thanks again!

RAN Online Item Mixer

My husband and I really like playing RAN Online, although I don't always have the opportunity of literally playing my character as I have my husband and one of our pilots to do that for me. Today after the server patch, RAN Online Philippines released new NPCs, new quests, and a new item - the Item Mixer.

With the RAN Online Item Mixer, you can combine different items and come up with a totally new one. For example, if you combine one piece of bread with one piece of the distilled water that Jack the NPC sells, you can get a potion which restores your character's HP. However, until we figure out what else can be combined and with the right formula, the rest is a mystery.

A lot of players can be seen in the Marketplace now and crowding over Jack, hoping to come up with things to combine. As soon as I get more information about the RAN Online Item Mixer, I'll be updating this post.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Review of Shrek Forever and After - Ugh.

I was searching in Google about the lines Shrek said to Fiona as he was about to disappear because his 24 hours were up, then I came across a review of Shrek Forever After by Cinefantastique. Since I couldn't comment on the post, I'll just make a post myself.

Here's a part of the review I so totally disagree with:

The script for SHREK FOREVER AFTER is marred by inconsistencies: although Shrek is the one who was never born in this new reality, it is Fiona’s royal parents who wink out of existence, and Rumplestiltskin manages to claim their kingdom without fulfilling his half of the bargain (which was to save Fiona). Does it matter? Probably not – at least, not if the jokes fly fast and funny enough to make us forget the details.

First of all, Rumpelstiltskin is a con man, and he tricked Fiona's parents into signing a contract that would make "all of their problems go away" if they were to hand him the kingdom of Far Far Away. Rumpelstiltskin did exactly just that - by making Fiona's parents disappear, all of their problems disappeared as well (get it?). In the real world, they were about to sign the contract but Shrek had already saved Fiona (shown in the first part of the movie). In the alternate universe where Shrek wasn't born, naturally the contract signing between Fiona's parents and Rumpelstiltskin did push through, making them poof out of existence.

If the movie is marred by inconsistencies, where are the others? There's only one mentioned in this review. If I was the one to point out an inconsistency, I would like to ask where Artie went. He didn't make any appearances in the real world (and of course since Shrek wasn't born in the alternate world, I don't expect to see him there at all because no one would have taken him from his high school to Far Far Away), as well as Prince Charming and his mother.

Oh well, all I can say is I really liked the movie. Plus the fact that I am just expressing my opinion, and that I'll miss seeing the green big ogre on the big screen.
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