Monday, February 23, 2009

Dolphin Bubbles

Manta Mania 3

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Surfing Anonymously

Sometimes anonymity is very hard to achieve in the world of technology. There are times when I use a proxy to surf sites that I don't want them to get my IP address and other information they possibly can just by me surfing their site. Seems reasonable enough, right?

50% Conversion

Today I took in 8 calls and 4 of them I was able to turn into sales. I was at 50% conversion rate but yesterday I was at 66% since I made 8 sales out of 12 calls. If I were really an agent and not a QA, I'd definitely be making a lot of money monthly. But then again, the atmosphere in a sales environment is something that I don't think I can last in. I just like the quiet environment that being a QA offers, with me managing my time. But like what I told my friends, I'm just doing what the management asks me to do and I'll be enjoying the calls while I can.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Sales Call

Although I'm already promoted as a QA Analyst, we were required to take in calls for today because of the digital transition in the US. Out of 12 calls, I actually made 8 sales, which is pretty good especially for someone like me who's not sales oriented. I'm glad because I'm going to get commissions and incentives out of those sales.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Journey - Faithfully

Highway run
Into the midnight sun
Wheels go round and round
You're on my mind

Restless hearts
Sleep alone tonight
Sending all my love along the wire
They say that the road
Ain't no place to start a family
Right down the line it's been you and me
And loving a music man
Ain't always what it's supposed to be
Oh Girl
You stand by me
I'm forever yours

Circus life
Under the big top world
We all need the clowns to make us smile

Through space and time
Always another show
Wondering where I am lost without you
And being apart ain't easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you
Oh girl
You stand by me
I'm forever yours

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
I'm still yours
I'm forever yours
Ever yours

Monday, February 16, 2009

Eastern Furniture

Everyone wants a nice looking home. Aside from the walls, the facade of the house, the furniture inside of the house plays a very important role in making sure that the house looks just the way we want it to.

With times so modern and living spaces somewhat limited, we have to be careful in choosing our furniture. They should not only be beautiful, but they should also be functional. Like for instance a log basket or lamp shades. They should not only be decorative but should be functional as well.

I'm not sure if other people have thought of this, but now that I'm thinking about furniture, I think that our laundry baskets should also be decorative in their own way. Who would like to see our unsightly and stinky (lol) dirty laundry just cluttered on the floor? I guess a nice looking place to put our laundry like a laundry basket would really come into good use. In my home, our unclean laundry just lies around in two big plastic baskets with holes in them - one for the kid's clothes and one for ours, since I wash our clothes separately.

I also personally need a lamp shade for the kid's rooms at night. Currently we just use the ceiling light during the night, and I don't want the kids getting used to sleeping with the lights on. I just want them to enjoy a good night's sleep, and I don't think that the light blaring on their faces does any help.

So if you're looking for beautiful and decorative yet practical furniture like the ones I mentioned above, do follow the links that I've posted. They'll direct you to a site with great Eastern furniture at affordable prices. I'm sure you'll love them just as much as I do.

Journey - Don't Stop Believing

Ever since I found out about Arnel Pineda, the new vocalist of the band Journey that gave us hits like Open Arms and Separate Ways, I became a fan not just because he's Filipino but man, he's got talent! His voice seeps through your bones and you can really feel the emotion in his songs.

His life story reminds me of the movie Rockstar with Mark Walhberg and Jennifer Aniston. He's really living the dream - imagine being the vocalist of the band you used to do cover songs of. Rock on Arnel! Thanks for putting our country on the map.

Check out this video of him performing at the Superbowl and you'll see what I mean.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thoughts on Blogging

I fell in love with blogging a year ago. Writing is a passion I've always had, so when I stumbled across blogging, it was like I found something that I've lost.

But this week has been really really busy for me. For starters, I had to go to the government agency here in my country that issues passports with my mom in law. I had my schedule at work moved, so for the week I only had one day off. I squeezed in laundry, blogging for the music sites, house cleaning, ironing clothes, and other chores I only do on my days off in one day. Not to mention the fact that we also went grocery shopping the previous night which left me dead tired.

But I am amazed at how I still find time to squeeze in blogging despite the fact that sometimes, I feel I won't ever be done with all my chores. I guess when you really love what you're doing, it doesn't seem like a chore anymore.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Henry Blowing his 28th Birthday Cake

Sunday, February 1, 2009

dNeero-ites in Asia

I finally got a new conversation from dNeero, and I must say I really like this conversation. I'm sure there are a lot of dNeero members in Asia like me, and I'm sure they'll appreciate this conversation just as I did. I guess it's about time someone asked for our opinion!

Excited about the Nokia 5800

I am buying this phone as soon as I get my hands on the check I've been waiting for since August of last year. Hopefully, my check will be here before the 2nd week of February.

Why I like this phone over the previous phone I fell gaga over (the Motorola Rokr) is because of its WiFi. I can blog wherever I am, and I can check my email on the go. Another thing I like about it is its touch screen technology. It's something I've always liked with the iPhone, but I guess I haven't been crazy enough to spend more than Php 30,000 on just a mobile phone.

Henry and I are really excited, and I guess who wouldn't be? It's been years since we bought new phones.
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