Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thoughts on Blogging

I fell in love with blogging a year ago. Writing is a passion I've always had, so when I stumbled across blogging, it was like I found something that I've lost.

But this week has been really really busy for me. For starters, I had to go to the government agency here in my country that issues passports with my mom in law. I had my schedule at work moved, so for the week I only had one day off. I squeezed in laundry, blogging for the music sites, house cleaning, ironing clothes, and other chores I only do on my days off in one day. Not to mention the fact that we also went grocery shopping the previous night which left me dead tired.

But I am amazed at how I still find time to squeeze in blogging despite the fact that sometimes, I feel I won't ever be done with all my chores. I guess when you really love what you're doing, it doesn't seem like a chore anymore.


chubskulit said...

you're right, I think my day isn't complete without having to take a peek on my blog.. so addicting hehehe..

Musta na mmommy les?

Joops said...

blogging is truly fun!

Leslie Ann said...

hi chubs!

that is so true! sometimes i feel my day is incomplete if i don't see my blog, lol!

Leslie Ann said...

hi joops!

thanks for dropping by! blogging is fun and profitable. it's a win-win hobby in my opinion.

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