Saturday, September 12, 2009

Online Earnings from 08/24/2009 - 09/11/2009

For the last 19 days, I was able to make a total of $347.40 online, or converted to Php 16,357.85 by PayPal. PayPal has a pretty low exchange rate, they only converted my dollar earnings to a little over Php47 for every dollar, when elsewhere the exchange rate is at Php48.++

Well, I can't and I'm not complaining. Ever since I started blogging and writing online, PayPal has been transferring my online earnings safely and securely to my bank account at no hassles. I guess their lower exchange rate is just a way for them to cover their expenses.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

As Busy as a Bee

I have some free time on my hands right now so I decided to take apeek at how my blogs were doing. Well, they haven't left me yet, but I can't help but feel that since I have been busy with so much work at the moment I have honestly neglected my blogs. Before, I would write everyday but now I end up posting at least once a week.

I guess the sooner I sort a schedule where I can manage blogging and my online writing jobs, the sooner I can have more time on my hands. Besides, I have two writers with me so I shouldn't be stressed at all, right?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Online Car Search

If you are looking for new cars, cars for lease, or used cars, this site I came across called Buy Your Car offers a lot of interesting stuff. Unlike most online car searches wherein only used cars or new cars are displayed, this site shows all of those I mentioned which allows it users maximum flexibility in choosing the car that fits their budget and lifestyle. What's more is that you not only get information about the cars, the site also offers comparative information to comprehensive insurance plans every car owner should have. On top of all these, car reviews from real people are also available so you can read on what others who've driven the car think of it before you make your purchase.
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