Saturday, October 20, 2007

Tessa Prieto-Valdez wins first ever Celebrity Duets Philippine Edition

Aired last August 11, the Philippine version of Celebrity Duets came to a close earlier tonight with Tessa Prieto-Valdez declared as the first-ever champion of the said show.

A fashion icon, columnist, and socialite, Tessa easily won my heart and about a million other Filipinos with her charisma, outrageous costumes, and her tremendous effort in singing. Admitted to not having been bestowed with a singing voice, Tessa managed to make each and every performance every Saturday night on GMA Network very fun and enjoyable, with Buboy Garovillo, one of the judges commenting that Tessa's performances were the highlight of the show.

I can't forget the look on Tessa's face the Saturday prior to this one, when she and Dr. Manny Calayan were the "bottom two" and one of them was bound to be eliminated. She looked so sad, as if she knew she had already lost and was trying really hard to stop herself from sobbing uncontrollably.

For my mom in law and I, Tessa was already a winner, and we're more than glad to have followed her efforts and her performances from week 1 up to tonight's finals. Yehey Tessa!

From what I know, Celebrity Duets will be replaced by Kakasa ka ba sa Grade 5? I hope it'll be as fun as Celebrity Duets, I've already added this show to the numerous tv shows I watch regularly.


Anonymous said...

hi!still remember me?at tacloban noong fiesta?nong naka pink?!noong sinabi kong im your number 1 fan,noong kasama ko yong lola ko,cousins,and yong ate ko(yong nagpicture satin)talaga,totoo yong sinabi ko,sana makita kita ulit makasama kita,alam mo i-freframe ko yong pic.natin saka may itatanong ko sana kong may friendster ka?or gmail.kasi magchachat tayo,ito pala yong email address ko)sana makapunta ka dito ulit, alam mo palagi akong nagwawatch ng celebrity duets kasi paborito kitang singer.alam mo ang ganda mo pala at ang puti!sayang hindi ako nakapag autograph sayo,alam mo fan ka rin ng mama ko.sana bumalik ka rito ulit!please?!

Leslie Ann said...

Hi! I really like Tessa too, and I hope she gets to read your very heartfelt comment, although I don't know how. Maybe she'll stumble upon my blog, who knows?

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