Tuesday, August 21, 2007


House is a medical drama featuring a brilliant doctor who trusts no one whom you'll either hate immensely or love deeply. He handles cases that other doctors can't solve using techniques of his own that (most of the time) puts his patient's lives at stake, something he doesn't mind that much. I got hooked into this series through AXN Philippines, and I've never stopped watching.

Most often than not, tv series always provide a gripping introduction of the show, the cast, and a plot that seems to-die-for. But when you get to the middle part of the series, it begins to be a drag, and a hasty conclusion to all the events that happend in the entire show is put to a close. This, thankfully, is not the way House goes. Although he and his staff handle different cases, one can see the effects/results of the decisions each character makes per episode and how it changes them until the season ends.

I've always believed in the goodness of people until proven otherwise but for House, everybody lies. His motto, in his opinion, has helped him save thousands of lives and solve numerous cases which other doctors have given up on. But his belief has led him into a life of isolation, a life that is without true love. After the incident that left him with a limp, House has been more stubborn than ever, but has proven to be even more brilliant. Often high on Vicodin, House proves to be the stubborn yet brilliant doctor he's known for.

Through watching House, I've learned a lot of things, especially about trust. If you've been hurt deeply by the person whom you love the most, life does get pretty hard and trust becomes an issue. Little by little, House learns how to trust and love again, and hopefully, he'll emerge from the shell he's crawled himself into.


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