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Jumong (tv series) tells the story of Jumong Taewang, founder of the Kingdom of Goguryeo and son of the rebel leader Haemosu, who grew up in the Kingdom of Buyeo and raised as King Geumwa's son. As he grew of age, half brothers Daeso and Yeongpo battled with him fiercely in order to be the next king, often pulling dirty schemes while conniving with the Queen, their mother. Jumong and Daeso fall in love with the same girl So Seo No, and a battle to win her heart ensues among the two.

As Jumong faces challenges brought about by his half brothers and circumstance, the truth that he is not a true prince of Buyeo is revealed to him, he decided to leave the kingdom and continue his father's dream - to free the people enslaved by the Han's. During one of his battles, Jumong is badly wounded and is carried away by a a strong river where he is found by Soya who nurses his wounds and tends to his recovery. Months passed before Jumong is able to return to Buyeo, where he finds that while he was gone, So Seo No was already married to Wute, one of their merchant tribesmen, out of fear of being Daeso's second wife, then married to the daughter of the governor of Yonto. Eventually, Jumong falls in love and ends up marrying Soya and has a son named Yuri with her.

Fate is bitter for Jumong, as he is separated from his family and and his beloved mother Yuwah who then were held captive in Buyeo by the King. During one of Yuwah and Soya's escapes from the palace, Yuwah is caught and slain by King Geumwa himself, and Soya and Yuri are taken for dead.

Distraught, Jumong moves on and is ever closer to fulfilling his father's dream. With the help of his ever loyal friends, Jumong is able to build his own nation with the help of So Seo No, and still continues to battle with Daeso.

How Jumong is reunited with Soya and Yuri is a real tear jerker, but So Seo No then decides to leave the kingdom she helped establish to avoid conflict as to who will inherit the throne between Yuri and her two own sons.

Jumong is aired Mondays through Fridays on GMA here in the Philippines. The story is a bit long, since it starts off with Jumong's parents and ends with his own son. But nevertheless, there is never a dull episode. My personal favorite was when Jumong, Daeso and Youngpo were engaged in a duel amongst themselves. Jumong's secret trainings with his teacher (who, unknown to Jumong was his real father) pays off tremendously as he easily beats the crap out of his two step brothers.

A lot of things - actually, too many things - happen to Jumong that molds him into the hero that he was. After fulfilling his father's dream of freeing the people enslaved by the Hans, Jumong puts down his sword and turns the kingdom over to his son.

Jumong dies at the age of 40 due to a battle wound that reached his marrow. And as narrated in the final episode, Daeso is slain by Yuri and leads a prosperous life in the kingdom his father has established.

Starring Song Il Gook, Jumong is a big hit here in the Philippines and I am sooo addicted to watching it. :-D


Unknown said...

is a serie among adventurous series. Everytym i watch it,its lyk am
watching a new episode. I have never gotten lazy to re-watch it.

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