Friday, October 5, 2007

I am NOT Watching Desperate Housewives Ever Again!!!

Grrrr...I saw a clip from an episode of Desperate Housewives and boy, am I upset. To think of how many Filipino medical professionals are in the US and a show just racially discriminates them? Arrrgh! When I saw the episode, I swear I wanted to rip Teri Hatcher's head off, and which Filipino wouldn't? Our local news had stated that they've already apologized and the scene from he episode deleted, but the damage is done. Once a glass has a crack, there's no way to fix it. I am not watching Desperate Housewives ever again! This is one good Filipino viewer that their ratings are going to miss. Grrr..... Watch the video and you'll see why thousands of Filipinos are upset. Just in how many countries is this show aired on? I think they should have been more responsible, and to shrug it off as a joke is a low blow. Jokes are always half-meant, isn't it?


Enviroman said...

Hi =isleng=,

Glad to see you don't support racialism. I have studied in Belgium and was in London, waiting for a bus. In Belgium, a child in a park kept calling me "chink, chink, chink". In London, while waiting for a bus, an old man stood by my side and muttered "bloody Japanese, bloody Japanese, bloody Japanese" and when he got no reaction from me, the started chanting "bloody Chinese, bloody Chinese, bloody Chinese". Guess I can't blame him as I suspect he could have been one of the prisoner of war under the brutal Japanese. Anyway, other than these 2 incidents, I have not encountered any racialism and the people are generally very nice.

Actually not here to make an essay on racialism, but to inform you that I have approved your comment made in August in my post Search Engine goes Environmentally Friendly?. It is a long response. Hoping you will read it.

Peter (Blog*Star)
Natural Remedies

-=isleng=- said...

I'm really glad someone shares my opinion. Discrimination in any form and towards anyone is really frustrating. I just hate it when people think they're superior over others. We all eat, breathe, bleed, and even poop. If people start bleeding purple blood, I may begin to reconsider my thoughts.

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