Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Women Against the iPhone

I was going to check my email when a news bit on Yahoo! caught my attention. As it turns out, women with long fingernails are actually complaining about the Apple iPhone's design. Since the iPhone's touchscreen responds to the electrical charges coming from bare fingertips, women with long nails are, well, basically left with a choice. One, whether to cut their fingernails so that they can use the said phone, or two, not use the Apple iPhone at all and just use a different cellphone. You can read more about the Apple iPhone fingernail problem here.

My boss at work has an iPhone, and although I personally don't have one, he has said that there are some problems with the phone, like the fact that he can't send an SMS to many people at the same time, capture videos, and the megapixels of the iPhone's camera isn't as good compared to other phones out there.

I guess there are some cool features too, but I would have to own one to be a better judge. Maybe if Apple would release a stylus to go with it, it would solve the problem. What do you think?


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