Wednesday, March 11, 2009

YupeePhone International Calls

If you have friends or family members in India or Iraq - Jordan and spend lots on your monthly phone bill, then YupeePhone is perfect or you because this company offers really low rates for international calls through their website, They have several plans to choose from, like Pay As You Go wherein there is no monthly fee and you only pay for what you use. The Pay As You Go plan comes with 120 free minutes every month for 54 destinations worldwide, with the only requirement being that the customer deposit $20 once every 4 months, so it's really affordable.

Another plan they have is the Unlimited India plan for $39.95/month, which is pretty much a truly unlimited service for residential use without any limits. You can call for as long as you want. Other plans include calling landlines to Iraq - Jordan for $24.95/month and other services like free local access numbers in the USA, International Access Numbers in Canada, UK, France, and even free SIP or IAX software.


Chip said...

This is really good phone company,
they offer the cheapest call to India about 1.9 Cent per minute, i use with PAP2 VOIP adapter the voice quality of the call are so clear you feel like you are talking to next door , now there is a coupon to get 10% off on your order too,

The Yupeephone Coupon code : 1119530554
to get 10 % off your first order
and the good thing is now they offer 120 minute free each month
You can use local dial number to use like phonecard too,
...Great offer...
Love the service...

Anonymous said...

Newupdated code is 7275510212
it give 10% discount which is up to $4 and 120 free minutes each month to various countries.

UPDATE: code 7275510212

Anonymous said...

Hey the updated promotional code that you can use is: 1554599826

The offer is 10% discount on your charges.

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