Thursday, February 4, 2010

An Invitation to Contribute

I got an email today from Alex Layton, an administrator from the site called Rant Rave (sounds a lot like this blog, lol!). e's inviting me to be a contributor to his site, and what I can do is pretty much copy my posts here over there. I can even insert my Google Adsense codes over there and I'd get 100% of all the earnings.

I'm flattered that this blog that initially started as an experiment which turned out to be a money making activity, and is now gaining popularity. However, I would need to think about it as I am literally swamped with so many assignments from oDesk that I might not be able to constantly contribute to the site.

I guess I need to organize my activities first and then see from there. I would not want to commit to something only to disappoint in the end. But I am really flattered with the offer though. :-)


chubskulit said...

Wow ang galing naman, conrats Les, quality kasi ang laman ng blog mo kaya ganun.. Mukhang you are doing so good with oDesk, pwede ba ako dyan hehehe..

Leslie Ann said...

Thanks chubs! Mag oDesk ka na din, masipag ka pa naman magsulat. May choices ka naman kung per project ang payment or per hour.

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