Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Very Tiring Day

Today is Sto. Rosario Montessori's 25th Foundation Day, and this is the school where my eldest daughter Keisha goes to as a first grader. She, Nicole, Henry, plus me all went to the Valenzuela Astrodome where the roads where unfortunately flooded. We also had to wake up at 5AM to apply make-up on Keisha since she was dancing as part of the celebration.

I asked my husband to buy 2 AA batteries to power up our digicam but unfortunately, he forgot that the newly opened Mini Stop was open 24hrs. So we took a few shots from my phone which unfortunately, was already low on batteries so we didn't take that much pictures at all. But all in all, even with Nicole's tantrums plus the traffic jam we were stuck in, we still had a good time.


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