Monday, November 15, 2010

November's Online Earnings

Hi guys,

Well, this month will be a little different. Instead of me posting how much I made online, I decided not to and will no longer do so in the coming months. It's nothing personal, I am just having a hard time explaining to people how I do it, and the explaining part already takes up a lot of my time.

To be honest, patience is definitely not one of my virtues, and I hate how people think that making money online is easy. It's WORK, and you really have to put time, effort, and patience in it. It's not just a matter of setting up a website and waiting for money to come pouring in without doing anything. Well for me, that's not how I do it. I literally work. I do customer service, a lot of article and blog writing tasks, and I work almost all day, like more than 12 hours. So if you ask me if making money online is possible, YES and I can prove it. But if you ask me if it's easy, it's not.


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