Friday, March 23, 2012

On A Long Break

Every Monday to Thursday starting at 2pm, my husband and I have been watching the Chief Justice Corona's impeachment proceedings. Don't get me wrong, as trolls might suddenly flood this post and comment on the guilt of the person in trial - I reserve my right to a final decision until the defense has finished presenting their evidence. I am not saying that the Chief Justice is 100% innocent, nor am I saying that he is guilty. The case here is that all people should be considered innocent until proven guilty, and it's the job of the prosecution to prove that he did the things they filed in their impeachment complaint.

Well, so far, things are looking in favor of the defense in my opinion. And since the senate is taking their Lenten Season break, the trial is suspended until May 07, 2012. Till then, I'll miss seeing all these people on TV and my 2pm routine.

I sincerely hope that the break will help the senators of this country in making the right decision. May they mull over the evidence presented by both sides and decide not because of their party affiliations, but on the evidence presented. Otherwise, our country will be in deep shit.


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