Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5ive Girls

5ive Girls is a 2006 horror film that my husband and I watched earlier today. I'd have to say that the movie really isn't that horrific, but the effects were OK and the cast's acting were well suited for their roles.

I didn't know if it was because I was sleepy after a week's work when I watched this movie or what, but it seemed that it took me several minutes before I figured out that each of the five girls that were entered into the boarding school all had different powers. One could heal, one had telekinesis, one was blind but has a sixth sense, one could walk through walls, and the other one sort of reminded me of a witch.

The boarding school these girls were enrolled into was closed a couple of years back, due to the mysterious disappearance of a student named Elizabeth who now haunts the girls. Their head mistress Anne turns out to be Elizabeth's sister who has made a deal with the devil to give the souls of these five wayward girls in place of Elizabeth.

The girls end up killing each other while possessed by the devil, and the last to be possessed was the one who could heal, who was saved by the telekinetic girl. The telekinetic girl dies of blood loss after stabbing the head mistress in the head with a crucifix while possessed by the demon, and the one who could heal runs out of the school. The next scene shows Elizabeth alive, and running down the stairs to her very happy dad. Her sister the head mistress follows them, and holds her father's face in her hands, and passes the demon onto him. Elizabeth screams, as the family kills each other and they go back to hell.

I am thinking of watching this movie again, as I didn't get to fully pay attention to some details. The movie is a good one, but is something that I would not recommend watching if you're really looking into scaring yourself.


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