Monday, May 19, 2008


SocialSpark is the newest website that I currently get sponsored posts from. I have my own SocialSpark profile which I just love, because aside from blogging and waiting for sponsored opportunities to arrive, I can upload a picture of mine, add my blogs, add friends, and view profiles and blogs of other bloggers. As of now, I've already lost count of how many friends I have, but most of the bloggers that I have added or those who have added me are from the Philippines.

In the weeks that I have been writing for SocialSpark, I have earned more than $30, which you can wait for the payout in 30 days, like PayPerPost. But the good thing is, if you really need the cash you've earned, there's an option to cash out your earnings earlier than the 30 days that it normally takes for payout.

One thing that I have noticed though is that SocialSpark is not as easy to navigate compared to PayPerPost. Like for example, if you reserve an opp and your slot gets approved, you need to manually look for the post you got approved for among the hundreds of opps that are there, and then start writing from there. But there are other advantages, like say for example the post is no longer open but you are qualified to make that post, you can request the advertiser for a slot and well, keep your fingers crossed that your request gets approved. I like SocialSpark, and I also like PayPerPost. In fact, this is a sponsored post from PayPerPost and this has to be one of the easiest posts that I have had to make, since I am a fan of both sites.


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