Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blogging and Money

My mother in law asked me recently how much I've already earned blogging. Well, I never really kept track of it until she asked. So I had to check my bank's website and my PayPal account to find out.

From November 2007 up to my last transaction with PayPal which was July 4, 2008, I have already earned a total of Php64,648.95. It's a pretty big amount that I've earned off of making sponsored posts, blogging jobs off of another person's site / blog, and reviews of a certain product or website, depending on the advertiser's request.

To think that all you do is write and you make a five figure amount in less than a year is an accomplishment for me. I know a lot of bloggers out there earn a whole lot more than the figure I just quoted, but for me who's been into blogging in less than a year, I'd consider it a pretty good start.

In the coming weeks I am thinking of making a post about the best paid to post sites that I have been working for in the past months. I'd probably feature how their payouts work, when you get paid, and other stuff you should know before joining the site. I'm thinking of keeping up blogging for as long as I possibly can, and with the money I'm earning, well, it's not bad at all.


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