Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Survivor Philippines Premiers on GMA 7

My entire family - Henry, me, Keisha, Nicole, and my mother in law stayed up late watching the pilot episode of Survivor Philippines. I watched the first few seasons of Survivor in the US, but I eventually got tired of it. I wanted to see how the Philippine version would be different.

For starters, Henry noticed that all of the contestants were obviously physically fit - sporting six pack abs for the guys and flat bellies for the girls. I guess they really chose people who were physically fit and those who could obviously survive the challenges.

39 days in Koh Tarutao Islands, with no personal belongings except for the clothes they were wearing seems like a challenge. And if that isn't hard enough, their very first challenge was to jump off the boat they were on and swim something like 800 miles to the island. Jace finshes the race first, followed by Zita, who is becoming to be my personal favorite. Zita seems like a real person. Her occupation is to launder clothes of other people to make money She is also a single mom. I don't know why, but she seems like a survivor in real life to me.

I hope to follow the rest of this series to the end, but it may be a challenge as I work at 1am. I also hope that Zita doesn't turn out to be a monster in the following episodes.


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