Tuesday, November 6, 2012

oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day 2012

Today I was supposed to be at the Bahay ng Alumni in UP Diliman for the oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day. However, yesterday was also my scheduled visit to the doctor for a vaccine. I thought my arm wouldn't hurt as much from the vaccine and I could still make it, but now I can barely move my arm. :/

From reading the emails sent plus other blogs and tweets about the oDesk Contractor Appreciation Day, I realized that the invitations were only sent to the highest earning contractors active within the last 6 months. Ugh. So I was very lucky to have received an invitation but I couldn't make it. :(

I also got an invitation for the oDesk Meet and Greet last 2011, and I also did not attend. Ho ho ho. I'm terrible at attending events. I really do hope that oDesk will be back in the Philippines sometime next year, and that time I'll make sure to attend.


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