Saturday, August 2, 2008

Have I Been Scammed by Bloggerwave?

Bloggerwave is one of the sites I write for and although I have been a member for quite some time. I just started taking opps this June. At the time, they had some opps available which I took on all three blogs that I have registered with them. This was back in June 6. I took another series of opps on June 16. Their FAQs state that after the post with the given links are live for 30 days, your payment is due via PayPal.

Today is the 1st of August and guess what? I have not received anything from them nor have I heard anything from them despite the may contact forms on their site that I've filled out. Worse, I did a Google search about Bloggerwave being a scam site and I found dozens of bloggers having the same issue. To some, $50 may seem a small amount to fuss over, but for me, it's honest, hard earned money. I kept my end of the bargain - I wrote the post with the required number of words, I added the required image on the post, and the post has been on my blog for more than 30 days, in fact, it's almost 60 days. So there. I'm waiting on Bloggerwave to pay or at least respond to my messages before I start taking legal action. Hmmm...better take screenshots of their site and FAQs.


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