Saturday, August 1, 2009

12 Days to Go

It's officially 12 days before my birthday when I turn 26. I am not excited, lol! I'm only 4 years away till I turn 30!!! OMG!!!

Oh well, whenever I look back at the life I've led, I have no regrets. I have 2 amazing kids, an awesome husband, and a life that's far less than ordinary. My life is not perfect and I too am not perfect, but I wouldn't have things any other way.

There are times when problems arise or when money is short or when we get sick, but hey, who doesn't? With the family I have, I don't think there's any problem we can't overcome.

So as I sit back and count the days when I turn 26, I look back with a smile. I wonder when wrinkles first show up? Lol!


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