Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to Get Jobs on oDesk

I've been a member of oDesk since May 2009 and so far, I've landed quite a number of jobs already. The first job I landed was a writing job wherein I had to review an MMORPG. I found it very easy because I love playing MMORPGs myself. After a few days, oDesk sent me my payment for that article.

The second job I landed was for a client who asked me to write travel articles of 400 words in length. After this project, the client kept sending me 5 articles to write every week. Right now, we're still working together and I'm glad I earned the trust of this provider. Payments are always on time and the work load is consistent.

I also landed a position where I am a paid blogger for a wedding site. I am tasked to make a post every day and payments are also on a weekly basis. This is still an ongoing project of mine that I am very pleased with.

After that, I received two offers promising consistent work every day. Payouts were to be completed every Saturdays Manila time through PayPal. I had to decline these offers as these are against oDesk terms. If you are hired in oDesk, you also have to receive your payments through oDesk.

Recently, I landed a job that pays $4/hour. I re-write web content for people who are renovating their websites and so far, the two pages I rewrote took me an hour and a half to complete. I'm not sure if getting paid per article is better or getting paid per hour. Lol!

I also landed another job at oDesk where it pays $4/hour, and I also re-write web content. Both these hourly jobs are still active up to now and I am just waiting for new material to be sent.

A job that pays $3 for every 400 word article also came my way. I have completed only 1 article since I was only given one topic to start with. I received positive feedback with the job and I am looking forward to more.

Aside from these jobs, a paid blogging job I've had for almost 3 years is still ongoing. I write one post a week for 21 music blogs and I'm very, very happy with that job. For the last 3 years, payments were never a problem and the guy I write for is a great person to say the least.

If you guys want to try your hand out at landing jobs on oDesk, I'll be more than happy to help. One tip I can give you guys is to make your profile as complete as possible. Buyers won't be interested in hiring providers like you and me when there is barely anything on our profiles to read, right?

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