Saturday, August 15, 2009

On Web Hosting Reviews

I have been seriously giving some thought to getting a domain of my own. I feel that my own .com or .net sounds right to my ears, and I've already thought of the name of my domain.

But like a lot of people, I don't know a lot of good domains and the only ones I know are those Yahoo! domains and Google domains. For me, webhosting is something new and something I didn't know much about.

For other bloggers like me who are looking for a new web hosting solution, a site called Web Hosting Reviews has saved newbies like us from the hassle of having to choose which web hosting provider to choose from. The site gives important feedback and reviews on different web hosting services as well as the pros and cons (if any) that any person who would want to have their own website should know.

Also, I was reading up on their very useful article entitled Top 5 Affordable Registrars in 2009. It pretty much addressed my concerns about which domain provider to go to, as well as a comparison of all the leading domain providers out there who can cater to people who are on a budget like me.


Anonymous said...

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