Thursday, November 29, 2007

Appendicitis 101

All my three blogs are updated on a regular basis, and by regular I mean almost daily. More than twice a week would also be a good description, but if you've noticed, it's been almost weeks before I actually made any posts on all three blogs. If you're wondering why, the title of this post should already give you an idea.

Yup, I recently had appendicitis and got a minor surgery for it. I honestly wasn't that knowledgeable about appendicitis before I had it, like its symptoms, any preventive measures or whatever. All I remember is that I was having stomach aches which I dismissed due to missed meals, and that I thought I was going to have a fever or something. Later in the day, I was peeing unusually less than what I always do, and the stomachaches were more intense. I was breaking out in sweat and when I couldn't stand up anymore, Henry lifted me and we rode the first cab to the nearest hospital that was affiliated with my work's HMO.

So there, that was my appendicitis experience. I am one organ less than what I had before, although I don't feel anything different (lol). I'm just glad it's over and I can resume my one of my favorite activities without the discomfort - sitting in front of the PC.


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