Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Web Hosting Reviews

Have you guys heard of green hosting? It's a totally new way of web hosting which also considers the environment in doing so. Green web hosting is great for a lot of obvious reasons. Similar to when your office uses recycled paper, you'll feel good about your role in saving the Earth, since green web hosts use alternative/renewable energy, plant trees, recycling waste, and purchase renewable energy credits to power their data centers.

I'm seriously considering buying a domain for all of my 4 blogs, but I am unsure what web host I would choose to host my blogs. I would still be using the Blogger interface I have grown so accustomed to, but to have a .com of my own is something that I guess I should have done a year ago.

This site I came across, called Web Hosting Geeks, reviews and rates different web hosts. There are reviews of the top 10 web hosts for multiple domain web hosting, best budget hosting, and other classifications of web hosts and their corresponding reviews.

So if you're looking into getting your own domain, do check out the reviews at Web Hosting Geeks. Everything you need to know about a web host - cost, customer service, technical support - is right in your fingertips. So read what other people have to say about a certain web host before you put your money into it.


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