Sunday, January 18, 2009

Show your blog at Acobay today!

I just stumbled across a new social network called Acobay, and it's absolutely fun! All you'll need to do are:

1) Go to
2) Have a look at About page so you get to know what Acobay is (
3) Register a user account.
4) Share your blog as a stuff under "Anything" category
5) Add as many stuff as you like to My Stuff. Doing so will build your network at Acobay.

Of course, the more stuff you share and the more people you connect with means more visits to your blog! You can connect with people in different ways - be it the car you drive, places you've been to, movies you've watched, and so on. The concept is really original and innovative, and I'm already going off to share more stuff at Acobay! See you there!


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