Sunday, January 18, 2009


Henry and I just finished watching this movie right in the comfort of our living room. The title is Taken, and it stars Liam Neeson. The story is about a dad who has a 17 year old daughter who is kidnapped in Paris. Liam Neeson is a former CIA who is very skilled in hand combat and is a no-BS type of person.

He follows each lead he has leading to his daughter, and killing everybody that stands in his way. Eventually he is reunited with his daughter and is able to take her home.

I won't be divulging any more details of the movie to avoid future spoilers, but all I can say is the movie is great. Liam Neeson had this expression on his face that seemed like nothing could surprise him. Plus, when he killed the people responsible for kidnapping his daughter, it sent me in an upright position rooting for him. I actually liked the carnage because should anything similar happen to my kids, I would probably end up doing the same.

Do watch Taken, it's a great movie. The storyline is fast but enough that you'll get the details of the story, and it's not boring - no long talks, no excessive crying drama scenes, instead you'll get a full action packed story that touches your heart.

While we were watching, Henry commented that Liam Neeson's character seemed to have no care for his own well-beiing, the way he went for the kidnappers. I said, "It's because his daughter means everything to him. Without her, he's got nothing to lose."


Joops said...

hmmmnnn interesting... I may look for it...

misty said...

Type ko yan, pang family with acion hehehe

Leslie Ann said...

hi joops!

thanks for dropping by.

i'm sure you wouldn't have a hard time looking for it. i think the movie is pretty new. :)

Leslie Ann said...

hi misty!

sinabi mo pa. may family story pero action. at least hindi boring diba?

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