Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog Aggregator Hosting

Hey guys! This might be of interest to bloggers out there. I just created my community aggregator over at FeedCluster.com blog aggregators. If you'd like to visit it, here's the link to my community aggregator. I've named my community aggregator as Making Money Online.

I love writing and it has always been a passion of mine. But when I realized that I could actually make money while blogging, it became twice as fun for me. I loved how I can write and earn at the same time. Doing something you like and making money out of it is certainly a lot of fun and is very fulfilling.

Through this community aggregator of mine, I am hoping to meet other bloggers who feel the way I do about blogging. It helps you earn, but at the same time it's a passion. If you have time, please join my community aggregator. It would be fun to get together with other bloggers who think the same way.


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