Friday, April 10, 2009

Survivor Season 2

GMA is already screening applicants for the Season 2 of Survivor Philippines. I'll be really honest - I can't follow TV shows that well, and I don't like reality shows that much, since some reality shows bring out the worst in people because of their desire to stay in the game.

I wonder how they will be casting the second batch of Philippine survivors. The first season had mix of a really older guy, and young girls and guys. The winner, JC Tiuseco, is now officially a celebrity with appearances in TV shows and variety noontime shows.

If I had the guts (and the time!), I'd probably try my luck with Survivor, too. You not only win the money, but you also win a new lifestyle in the eyes of the media. Sounds not too bad to me, what do you think?


Joops said...

I agree, it help your popularity.

ryliej said...

Kung andyan lang ako sistah, jojoin ako hahaha. I love watching reality shows but you're right.. Connivers and back stabbers usually come out with those situations..

Leslie Ann said...

Hey there Joops!

Thanks for dropping by.

You're right, you'll be an instant celebrity if you join a reality TV show.

Leslie Ann said...

hi ryliej!

sana nga, para may kasabay ako mag-audition! hehehe.

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