Monday, April 27, 2009

Ranting about SocialSpark

I am so sad. :(

I finished a couple of days ago a post for SocialSpark but I got an email saying that the post could not be approved and it cannot be resubmitted anymore because the post before it was more than 7 days in between. The email further states that posts must be consistent and therefore, my post cannot be resubmitted.

I just feel bad that I didn't know about this policy in the SocialSpark TOS, but at least now I do. And I guess in a way, I've been busy with my work that I haven't been posting in my blogs as often as I did before, it's partly my fault.

I ended up deleting the said post since I think there's no point in having it up my blog. I'm not going to get paid for it anyway.


chubskulit said...

I experienced that too Les (same reason), when we were in the Philippines kasi I wasn't able to update my blog. thenmay nireject tdin sila na di ko aedit kasi nga nasa Pinas ako..Sayang nga kasi 35 bucks din yun.. oh well charge to experience diba..

Leslie Ann said...

sayang nga eh, charge to experience na nga lang talaga.

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