Sunday, May 3, 2009

Get Paid to be a Hacker!

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to be a real life hacker?

I've watched several movies wherein people who are so smart and knowledgeable about computers are hired by secret agencies to be their hacker, and get paid tons just by doing so. Like the movie Hackers for instance, I think what they were doing was really cool. Now imagine being a hacker as work - now wouldn't that be cool?!

Now if I was to be a hacker, I'd definitely be a Certified Ethical Hacker. What would this mean for me? Well, I'd only be hacking for good reasons. Like I'd hack our computer systems at work so that our IT team would tighten their IT Security. We'd be able to know exactly where our systems are vulnerable to attacks and we'd work on those.

Ethical Hacking is a real job, and it is also one of those jobs promising rising pay, and you'd be an indispensable part of any company with an IT team. By being an ethical hacker, you'd learn about security fundamentals, like how a network's security usually works, penetration testing, computer forensics (yes, there is such a thing), disaster recovery (lke when your system crashes and how you can recover data and get everything back on track), and secure programming.

Think of it this way - who would be a better person to help set up a secure network than someone who knows how to hack it?



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