Sunday, May 10, 2009

On Affiliate Programs

Since I've been blogging and making money out of it, I have also searched for more information on affiliate programs. But since I am relatively new to the world of making money online, I am not sure exactly what affiliate programs do and how exactly I would be making money out of it.

As I researched, an affiliate program is sort of like a third party company that allows them to offer commissions for the clicks, leads, or sales that are generated on behalf of the company they are representing. For bloggers like me, I can sign up as a publisher through an affiliate program and I can choose to publish ads or place links on my site or blog. I can get paid either per click, per view, or per sign - up through those links that I place on my site. These advertisers will have some sort of tracking of the clicks or impressions made from my website or blog are valid and then I'll get paid.

As a blogger like me, an important factor to make money through affiliate programs would be the number of unique visitors I get in a month. Unique visitors are those people who have never visited your site before and their IP address is new to your website. Ad placement is also very important, so that your visitors would be enticed or encouraged to click your ads. Strategic ad placement in a website is also something that you should consider.


Anonymous said...

Its nice to know that some Filipinos are starting to do affiliate marketing now.

Leslie Ann said...

Thanks for dropping by!

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