Tuesday, October 20, 2009

News and YouTube

I am having a hard time digesting the news I watched on YouTube.

I was searching for an old friend of mine on social networking sites to no avail, so I decided to Google him instead. To be honest, this search was bought about by a dream I had a few weeks ago. He wasn't really the main character in my dream, but he just sort of appeared and I recall seeing him take off a black shirt. I saw the tattoos he had, and that was it.

I just recalled his last name today, so I searched in FaceBook and Friendster, but there were no results. I guess having two C-Sections really got the best of me. Google gave me a result on YouTube, so I watched the video even though the title said farewell.

I could hardly believe my eyes as I saw the pictures. It was really the person I was looking for. I had to pause and look at the pictures twice and thrice since I really couldn't believe it. The guy who made the slideshow of pictures said he passed away due to a motorcycle accident.

I still find everything surreal at the moment.


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