Monday, November 30, 2009

2012 - OK for Me

My husband and I watched 2012 a few weeks back and like most movies I've watched, it's about the destruction of the earth. With all the pollution and other damages that we are causing the earth, humans have created an imbalance and our world is reacting to it by unexplainable weather changes and land shifts.

John Cusack has the lead role in this movie, who also happens to be a favorite actor of mine. I watched 1408 and I thought he was amazing in that movie. He tries to save his family from the disaster as he discovers "a way" (I will not disclose in case there are readers who haven't seen it yet) to be saved from the destruction. He does everything in his powers to save his family, which is made even possible by the help of a Chinese monk.

Good points of the movie include amazing effects and great actors, but for me, it is not a really awesome movie I would drool over for, like Knowing for instance. For me, it was just like a sci-fi high-tech Noah's Ark. Oh well, I guess I gave the movie away. :-)


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