Monday, February 11, 2008

Online Insurance with EZ Insurance Portal

Almost all of our everyday activities can be completed online. From shopping to paying bills to talking with friends whether it be voice or chat, and almost everything we can do online since our technology is so high-tech already. We can apply for loans online, play games online, and a lot of other stuff. But have you considered getting online insurance?

Our common conception of insurance would be waiting in a long line while the employee from the insurance company has a mountain of paper sitting beside his desk. And when its your turn, you have to sign dozens and dozens of paperwork, not to mention providing another dozens just to qualify you and your dependents for the insurance.

With EZ Insurance Portal, you can browse for rates among different types of insurance like home insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, condo insurance, and renter's insurance. You can also get discounts on auto insurance by a comparison of how much your current auto insurance is charging you and how much EZ Insurance Portal would if you had gotten your auto insurance from them. And EZ Insurance Portal's home insurance lets you save big on your home insurance because they have the best rates pre-negotiated with insurance agents in every state.


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