Sunday, February 3, 2008

PayPal and Ebay

I am raving about another great service that I recently discovered. It's actually fun and very, very easy to pay for Ebay items using PayPal. I'm glad that I still currently have a balance with PayPal and that I was able to pay for two items.

One of these items is the Korean spoon that my sister has been dying for for so long. Since the item is shipping from Hong Kong, it should arrive next week or so.

The second item that I bought is the fat burning pills that my officemate will be paying for in cash. Actually, we'll be splitting the capsules in two for both of us so that we'll both be losing weight at the same time. I'm also planning on enrolling me and my husband in a nearby gym to assist my weight loss, and that's something I'm looking forward to.

I'm glad that the PayPal payments through Ebay are really fast and prompt, and I'm looking forward to receiving these items as soon as possible. Wish me luck!


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