Sunday, February 17, 2008

Updates on Pay Per Post

A couple of days ago PayPerPost just announced that they will start accepting blogs that are 30 days old with at least 10 non-paid or non-sponsored posts. In a way, I think that it'll give more bloggers the opportunity to earn from their blog really early from the start of their blog. But for members like me who had to wait until my blog was older with far more posts than what they're requiring now, it means more competitors for But well, at least there'll be more people who'll be able to share with the PPP experience.

For interested bloggers who would like to sign up for PPP, here's an available sign up form where you can easily sign up for PPP (and well, share your blessings with me as well!)

Or better yet, you can review my post and make easy money to kick off your PayPerPost membership!

Happy blogging to all!


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