Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Historical Philippine Elections 2010

Yesterday was the first ever automated elections in the Philippines, and it is literally history for the country. When before votes were manually counted, this is the first time that technology was used, making the entire process relatively easier. Results in most major cities were announced and winners were already proclaimed in some, but there are some of the 'troubled' places like Mindanao where some teachers were harassed, and results have not been transmitted yet.

I am personally not a registered voter of the country, as I was pregnant with my eldest child when I fell in line to register. Unfortunately, the line was absolutely long, and no one bothered to let me go first despite my bulging belly and the scorching heat of the sun. So after a few hours of waiting, I decided to go home and I wasn't able to register.

If I had been given the chance, I would have voted for either Dick Gordon or Gibo Teodoro, as these two have already contributed to the country in major and favorable ways. But what saddens me about this year's elections is the fact that previously impeached president Erap Estrada made it to #2, which is a frightening fact. Did we Filipinos not learn anything about the previous EDSA revolutions?

On a side note, I've been thinking that Erap's candidacy could have been planned, as majority of the poor people of the country would have voted for Manny Villar, a rags to riches presidential candidate. If Erap had not ran for office, majority of his votes would have gone to Manny Villar instead. Villar on the other hand, already conceded to Nonoy Aquino, the current leading presidential candidate (and definitely not my personal choice).

Noynoy Aquino is another presidential candidate I would not vote for, not even in my nightmares. He's been in the senate for years already, and has not passed even a single bill during his term. How can someone who sat in office and did nothing have the guts to run for president when he hasn't done anything even though he was already in the position to do so? But then again, Filipinos are known to be an emotional type of people, and his campaign ads have all been directed towards the hearts and emotions of people, not to mention the fact that he is the son of a former president and another senator who is viewed as a hero.

Democracy certainly has its price, and we all have to live with the choice of the majority. All I can say to those who complained about how long they fell in line just to vote and the process took only 5 minutes or less,  waiting hours in line to vote is better than waiting for another 6 years for change.


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