Monday, September 24, 2007

Choosing a Satellite TV Provider

I used to work in a call center (or customer contact center) for DirecTV and almost everyday, I get around ten or more calls from prospective clients who have neither Dish Network nor DirecTV. They always ask,

"I've called Dish and they're offering this and that, what do you guys have to offer me? Can you beat what they're going to give me?"

To be honest, I hated getting these types of calls since I did not now how to respond. Although I knew what DirecTV was offering like the back of my hands, I only had a vague idea of what Dish Network had, and why we get calls every so often about our customers switching to them.

I decided to use the Internet to my rescue and luckily, I stumbled upon BestBuys, a one-stop shopping resource that allows customers to make informed purchases. The site provides millions of consumers with unbiased information they need to make all their shopping decisions in one place, at one time. Their Service Comparison and Review article provided me exactly what I was looking for, a comparison between DirecTV and Dish Network.

The site gives a detailed comparison between Dish Network and DirecTV's current promotions, packages and prices, HD programming info, additional tv fees, costs for upgraded equipment like DVRs, and pros and cons, if any. Additional information such as pricing, selection and freebies are also included. The site also has what they call Best Buys Choice, wherein they give consumers their unbiased opinion between the two companies or services that they're comparing.

BestBuys' comparison and review page was a big help not only to me, but to my co-workers as well. We had access to unbiased answers for customers who were still in the process of deciding which company they would choose. Although we hoped that they would sign up for DirecTV and help us earn commission (lol), we were assured that the answers we gave them were in no way false advertising, and nothing we couldn't deliver.


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