Sunday, January 27, 2008

Getting Concerts and Sports Tickets

When traveling to Germany, there are certainly a lot of things tourists and travelers can do. If ever you find yourself traveling to Germany and all of a sudden your favorite sport team is playing or your favorite singer is holding a concert right where you are at, where do you go to in search of concert or sports tickets?

At Viagogo, you can get either konzert tickets, sports tickets, and even theater tickets. You can register at the Viagogo site, and book the tickets right then and there. Or, you can just browse available tickets and take it from there.

I was personally amazed at the wide selection of artists available and all the shows one could watch. I could watch and book tickets for stand-up comedy, sports, or even Bon Jovi. I had the options of watching Bon Jovi in several dates and venues like in the Amsterdam Arena, in Frankfurt, Hamburg, and/or in Stuttgart. Or I could go and instead watch the Foo Fighters, the Backstreet Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Korn, and the Chemical Brothers. There is a wide selection of shows to watch and choose from. As I mentioned already you can choose from sports, comedy shows, or even concerts of your favorite artist.

When I first heard about Viagogo being a leading ticket hub in Germany, they weren't kidding when they said that they are a leading ticket hub. They are truly living up to their word.


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