Wednesday, January 9, 2008

How Did You Spend your New Year's Eve?

I spent my New Year's Eve exactly the way I wanted to - just with my family. My husband, my kids and my mother in law were all here and we counted down the seconds till the start of 2008. I was busy cooking, my mother in law was busy with the kids, and Henry was busy with something I just cannot recall at the moment.

We had a delicious meal, and I pray that 2008 be a blessed year for my family. I hope my mother-in-law's petition to go abroad finally pushes through this year, I also hope that my eldest daughter Keisha's schooling all goes well, and I also hope that Henry's job will bring him more success.

As for me, for as long I see that my kids and my family are happy and healthy, then that's all I can and would wish for.


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