Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Tour of C-Planet

Today I came across C-Planet, a site that offers additional earnings for just about anyone who's willing to either redirect their site or blog's traffic to their casino, or promote their products offline through CDs, flyers, and other means of promotion.

C-Planet also has a casino affiliate program wherein you can make money by referring players to their website. Like for example, you can place their links on your blog and you get a share of the revenue the players who sign up under your link monthly. Your commission is paid every 15th of the month for the commission earned from the 1st and the last day of the previous calendar month. Payouts are also made once your account balance reaches more than $50.

To know more about C-Planet, you can take their Feature Tour which basically shows you around the site and also explains the features and benefits you'll get by participating. Their Affiliate Plans also include a very tempting share of up to 45% of revenue, and 5% of sub-affiliates earnings.


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