Friday, January 4, 2008

1on1 Backgammon

1on1 Backgammon has to be the site to visit for players who are new to playing online casinos and such. Why? Because this site is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about backgammon. Backgammon rules, strategies, and just about any information you would want to know about playing backgammon online is accessible from this site, as well as rules for all the different variations of backgammon.
This post has been edited due to non-payment from Creamaid.
This post was accepted in the conversation widget last Jan. 06, 2008 and I have not received any payment for the amount of $5 for this blog post. Here's a shot of
my PayPal transactions for January. And this is also not the first nor the second time Creamaid has not paid me. This is the THIRD TIME CREAMAID HAS NOT PAID FOR BLOG POSTS THAT HAVE BEEN APPROVED. I like working with this site as they had paid me previously, but for this post and two others, they have failed to do so.

I have sent several emails to customer service the first time this happened but no one responded. I have been waiting for days but still there is no response. As you can see below, I conducted a search for my transactions up to January 8, 2008 but the last transaction that PayPal records is only up to January 4, clearly NO PAYMENT FROM CREAMAID. I am hoping that by editing the 3 posts they have not paid for I will be able to catch their attention and eventually get what is rightfully due to me. See my other posts that have not been paid.


Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie, these are bad news, i checked just now, CreamAid paid regularly my post on 1on1 Backgammon, but i remember that some times ago it happened to me something similar to you problem, it was with a post on some travel company.

Hope they start again to pay .-P


Anonymous said...

I've found that I've been quiter lucky with the paid to blog programs. But I don't like them so much so I don't do many paid to posts on my blogs. If you check my blog You'll see I'm a member of quite a few Blogsvertise, Loud Launch, Smorty, PayPerPost, now IZEA, Blogitive Thanks for stopping by Rainbow Traveller and leaving a comment. I didn't know creammaid paid you for blog posts. They paid me $1 as they pay whenever you do a post and someone else does one by clicking on your post but otherwise they don't pay or i didn't know about it.

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