Thursday, October 30, 2008

BlogRush is Shutting Down

I guess this is a week wherein I am going to get weird emails.

Today when I checked my email, I read one from the administrators of BlogRush that Blogrush is shutting down. The entire email can be read from their home page or by clicking here. I've always loved this widget especially since I get traffic from other blogs because of this widget and I get to pick interesting posts to read from other bloggers through my widget.

I am not sure why they are shutting down exactly, but I do respect their decision in not selling the service. The service was a great idea, and I will miss seeing the blue widget I have been accustomed to seeing in my sidebar for so many months.

For other BlogRush users, we are advised to remove the widget from our sites/blogs. It's sad, but it has to be done.


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